Renewal of Seamall

42 anniversary Seamall Shimonoseki was re-newaled.
Saizeria was coming, and we can refer good business hints there.

Rheumatology seminar in St. Lukes

I went to the lectures about Rheumatology in St. Luke窶冱, international University.
It窶冱 American style to do the work early in the morning till late at night.
It窶冱 been ophthalmology, dermatology, pulmonary medicine, Nephrology, many many case reports and info for new drugs.
Prof. Kumano go from Osaka University clinical immunology talked about Japanese history of immunology.
Thanks a lot,

You can use Tablet in JK-clinic.

There are a tablet in the waiting room in the JK-clinic.
You can use it and you can read any magazines in “d-magazine” in docomo.

Yoshimoto Today

Today, we went to Yoshimoto to learn how to speak.

Celebrate the admission of baseball tournament in Shimonoseki international high school!

We celebrate the appearance of all Japan high school baseball tournaments.

窶拮ow to arrange Net salon

What I audited in engine 01 cultere strategic conference was " How to arrange the on-line Salon". We live in local place where cost-effective, very comfortable circumstances. And also we can overcome the boundaries of regins and countries with internet. If we have "net salon", we can expand our ego and fasten the problem resolusion. In internet, we can easily enter or come out. We can open the "learning helplessness" to unlock our background or common senses. There are not only Blog, seminers, but also mail magazine and meet-up. We can mix up those things. The key is what no one does and sympathetic matters and real-time communications.

Let's have Online Salon in Countyside!!!

ENGINE 01 culture strategic conference in Oita

We went to Oita to have a lecture in Engine 01 culture strategic conference there, which is hugely popular and held in local place to set there alight with cereblities and specialists’ performances. It was held in 2007 in Shimonoseki.
Performers are wrighters, composers, photographers,art directors,journalists, commentators,chefs,professors, doctors,movie directors,scholars,designers,artists, announcers, teachers, cartoonists, actors,and so on. We bought a tickets and children go to listen their lecture about their specialties. I took lecture about”how to make a on-line salon” and enjoyed. On the way to Shimonoseki, we drove to the Karaage shop and by fried chickens.

emergency doctor on sunday

Flu type A 9cases
type B 35cases per 97 visits

New chair

Good chair
Come see me!

2018,New year's resolution

I gotta very good Out-put and Friendships in last years.

this year's resolutions
1. To put our capital into the things people never know.
2. To cherish our relationship in our life
3. To go and try!
(少林寺・Businness ・Yoshimoto・fasion……)