Rheumatology a la carte

It will be fine tomorrow.
I gonna talk amusing story about rheumatology.

Amazon Go

Amazon go is a new kind of store with no check out required.
It was built in SLU( Seattle) .

World窶冱 most advanced shopping technology so we never have to wait in line.

Just walk out when we finish shopping.
they have 5000 cameras and sensors to recognize special Dodds in marchandises with no contact.

They will open the new stores in SAN Francisco and Chicago.

We need to check the Smart phone first in Japan.

Lung manifestations of rheumatic diseases

conferences of Univ. of Washington,
There is usual GR縲;round Round.

Interstitial Pneumonitis in Rheutatoid arthritis, Scleroderma, and Dermatomyositis.
MDA-5 was especially refract DAD.
CCP also formed IP.

Chisease doctors are increasing.

Pulmonary manifestations in RA


62nd annual meeting of Japanese college of Rheumatology


Dr. Mimori.’ New book

dr. Akio Mimori’s new edition, “connective vascular diseases for patients”.
His book “ CONNECTIVE VASCULAR DISEASES NOTE” has changed some doctors’ lives.
I was one of them.

Myeloblastic autologous stemcell transplantation for severe Scleroderma


Renewal of Seamall

42 anniversary Seamall Shimonoseki was re-newaled.
Saizeria was coming, and we can refer good business hints there.

Rheumatology seminar in St. Lukes

I went to the lectures about Rheumatology in St. Luke窶冱, international University.
It窶冱 American style to do the work early in the morning till late at night.
It窶冱 been ophthalmology, dermatology, pulmonary medicine, Nephrology, many many case reports and info for new drugs.
Prof. Kumano go from Osaka University clinical immunology talked about Japanese history of immunology.
Thanks a lot,

You can use Tablet in JK-clinic.

There are a tablet in the waiting room in the JK-clinic.
You can use it and you can read any magazines in “d-magazine” in docomo.