”Masako and her three funny friends”

At art museum in Shimonoseki,
“Masako and her funny three friends” are being held.

She was the representative in her own bookstore for children in Shimonoseki.

What a great job!

“please cherish your favorite.”in her words.

women's ratio in Japanese politics

Election will be soon.

4th party in Yamaguchi was occupied by a man in office.
We could not see any party car.

Baby bust was still remained. Most of the officers was male, that made things worth for children and women. Burden of educational cost was increased and low birth rate continued.

We must solve an underrepresented women.

Second meeting for Clinical skill-up @ Shimonoseki medical center


Lecture from Prof. Kanda


Rhubarb jam

Thanks for rhubarb jam,
I like it.

I teach nursing school for 20 classes.


Cannabis in rheumatology care


Hospital-clinics relationship party in Shimonoseki medical center

Annual meeting in sea mall palace “hospital-clinics relationship party was held.
Senior doctors are very good characters, and young docs are very livable. Lady docs are joined.
Although it is in old neighborhoods., their sales are increasing.
They have “slacks “, and good job circumstances.
Please survive in such hard time.

azalea season.

..we have 10 days vacations with plenty of azalea,

The63th annual meeting for rheumatology

Scleroderma was proceeding in diagnosis and treatment. It will be great to become TReat to target.

In rheumatoid arthritis, JAK inhibitor was proceeding.
It gonna be like a MTX.
But it’s not spreader because they like injections.

Rheumatoid arthritis and interstitial pneumonitis.
To see the patients with rheumatoid arthritis, it means to see lung diseases in RA.