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present from Mr. Sakagami

They were made by sea shells.

in the conference room

There are conference as usual.
There are a few doctors of acquaintance.
Dr. Mark Wener is sick these days.
young Asian Doctors are increasing.

GR round in UW

Today,GR round in Rheumatology in Univ. of Wahington had visiting speaker,Dr.Andrew Mammen.
He said there are possibirities that the patient who had immunologic abnormarity were taken statine, treatment for hyperlipidemia, and caused necrotising myositis.
Some had antibodies.anti-HMGCR antibody positive.
The younger, the more severe.

we are sorry, we are fixing clinic

we are sorry, we are fixing our clinic.

JCR Annual Lectures

New text for MTX(Methotorexate and metrate)
will be published soon.

A case of sacroiliac joint inflammation with SLE

[Clinical meaning] SI is very rare in SLE patients. I report the case of SI in a SLE patients treated with TNFαinhibitor [TNFi]. [Case] 46-years old woman was introduced for the treatment. She had butterfly rush and abdominal pain and was diagnosed SLE and treated by steroids for 10 years. She also had progressive low back pain for 5 years. Physical exam showed 157cm and 78kg,body fat 44%. She had arthritis of both wrist, knee, and severe low back pain. “Newton test” was positive. Laboratory exam showed that CRP was 1.07mg/dl. HLA B-27 and blood culture was negative, and hip MRI was normal. Bone scintigraphy showed SI. Those suggested that she had a SI during non-active SLE. Because of her very bad QOL, she was treated with Infliximab effectively She had infusion reaction in third time, and switched to Adalimumab and relapsed. She had been remission with Certolizumab Pegol [CZP]. [Discussion] This is the case that had long-term SI during non-active SLE by manual exam and bone scintigraphy, and treated successfully with CZP. CZP is structurally concentrated on inflammatory areas. The reports were seen CZP for Axial spondyloarthritis in abroad. I need to watch her carefully in case SLE is relapsed because of TNFi.

Master of Prsoriatic arthritis, Dr. PJ Mease coming to Fukuoka

"Welcome to Fukuoka. It's a little bit cloudy so it is like Seattle.
I lived nearby and practice. I have friends and family here, but I've been Seattle for long long time ago. I worked with Dr. Mannik and My son was bone in UW.
Today, I asked you about How differently use TNF and secukinumab, and also how Trump administration affect medical system in US?

The extra-articular manifestation for secukinumab and arthritis, synovitis for TNF.
and second qs, I'm not a polititian, but everyone worried about Trump and he is unpredictable man. I dare say nothing gonna go back. we will proceed.

connective vascular diseases lecture by kawata-junko clinic

Dr. Mistuyo Kinjo, who is fellow of American college of Rheumatology and cast member of Dr. G in NHK, came to Shimonoseki to have lecture for Connective Tissure Diseases patients. We got more entries than before.

we warmed up about Hydroxychlorquine. we became nervous about its side effect of retinopathy, but it is used because of stablized the disease activity.

"Acute night pain is caused by withdrawal of inner steroids."
just what we expected.

connective vascular diseases lecture by kawata-junko clinic

The familiar figure by General doctor G in NHK, Dr. Mitsuyo Kinjo
will come to our town, in April, 15th.