Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

Japanese clinical rheumatology society meeting in 2017 in KOBE

I attended the meeting in Kobe 窶廱apanese窶冱 Clinical Rheumatology Society meeting.窶�
I had good time in PORTPIA HOTEL in KOBE.
My Christmas time begins.

civilian hospital in shimonoseki Clinic-Hospital association meeting

we have meeting for civilian hospital Clinic-Hospital association meeting.
Lecture from Dr. Shun-ichiro Ohta in Rheumatology.
They opened Rheum-musculoskeletal center,where multiple specialists can do the clinical works.

Hospital-clinics association open type beds were open. we can enter the hospital to see patients. I already researved one for my patients.
many thanks,

the 27th meeting for Japanese Rheumatology in Chu-Shikoku in Tokushima

The 28th meeting for Japanese Rheumatologists in Chu-Shikoku.

Tokushima is very enjoyable,famous for dancing.
I could not wait to see it.

Catching up Giant cell arteritisーACR

During the Meeting I thought about Giant cell arteritis.
I preffered to have vasculitis sessions.

Giant cell arteritis affects older adults, and treated by steroids, 60mg/day.
because of side effects of Steroids, vasculitis, and old aged people,recurrences of the diseases, it causes terrible results.

Here comes Tocilizmab,we can expect steroid sparing effects.

Kawata @ jk-clinic,
"Among the 30 patients, we have 3 patients who could not treated by PSL 15mg/day. Should they take temporal artery biopsy?"
Prof. Matteson @ mayo clinic
"you gotta Echo, PET-CT or MRAngiography before biopsy."


I used UBER for going banks and shopping.

First, put on the destination. Numberplate and drivers were shown in smartphone. One car stopped and confirmed each other,
“Are you Junko?”
I moved from Down town to La Jolla, bank, telephone company, and shopping center......
This is trump era and people are very incompatible.
Rate is 1 star.


Dr. Mark H. Wiener told about Autoantibody with Prof. Mimori in Kyoto Univ.

But I slept over......

American college of Rheumatology in San Diego.

American College of Rheumatology 2017 was held in San Diego.

About San Diego, very calm weather, no effort, close to Mexico.
Not for studying. Looked good in Beach.

Narita temple

Having some time, going to Narita temple.
They talked Language in Tohoku prefecture.
They are busy, they earn a lot.

Hummmmm..........they are winners.

26th meeting for Japanese practical rheumatologist

We had 26th meeting for practical rheumatologists in Matsuyama,Ehime Prep hosted by Dr. Atsuko Imai in Matsuyama-Ichibancho-clinic.
A lot of Rheumatologists were there.

Special lecture was “obsessive-compulsive disorders” by Dr. Harai practicing in Nagoya.

Next is in Sendai. So excited.