pressure module

atmospheric pressure module.
Dr.Oka said that If we had daily atmospheric pressure records, we gonna have some change of pressure and we could prevent pain if we take travelmin.

thepatients of this clinic found one appli.
Is this that Appli?
pls have a response,

Second meeting of Fibromyalgia in Shimonoseki

thank you for coming
The yab(Yamaguchi asahi broadcasting) station will broadcast this ,eeting and about FM on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at 18:15-19:00.


only one day away!!!meeting for fibromyalgia

The meeting for Fibromyalgia will be held on tomorrow.
Too rare so we get responses from media.
I cannot wait to see the meeting.

Lady Gaga

I saw a documentary about Lady Gaga in netflex.
She suffered Fibromyalgia treated in California.
What a powerful, attractive and intelligent woman she is!!!

Party @ ShimonosekiMC

We had party of Shimonoseki MC@Seamall palace
talked about Connective vascular diseases with Dr. Akamatsu
talked about Ms. Okazaki with Dr. Kato
Talked about Facebook with Mr. Hideki saito
Talked about fish info with Ms. Okazaki @ Pawerful Pharmacy
Talked about restraurants in Shinchi with Mr. and Mrs. Harada

Second meeting for Fibromyalgia in Shimonoseki

A lot of atention for Lady GaGa,
we have a meeting for Fibromyalgia.
A famous doctor will come to Shimonoseki.

Echocardiology lectures in Takamatsu

I went to Takamatsu to learn Echocardiography.

Let's learn during the trip.
1.Let's go to foreign regions!-including foreign countries-
2.we should check the wikipedia when it comes to the words we do not know-google, google, google……
3.Let's talk to the straingers there!
4.Let's do the Romans do.
5. Spend less for hard ware-Hotel and Commute
Spend more for soft ware- experiences, and entrance fee
6 memories for travel-SNS
7. health maintenance in travel-spend leeway for time and atention for sanity

Dr. Tomoko Mizuhchi from Yamaguchi newspaper

Dr. Tomoko Mizumachi縲(n Chohu,
has built non-profit organization, for heiping yound musicians and artists.
Classical music took root in Shimonoseki.

nurse table was renewed.

It is easy to take Shirmer and Saxon test
for Sjogren's syndrome.

medication for dry mouth.

Thera Breath in a little bit hard for us.
Dr. Harold Katz was found "Thera Breath" since 1997.

Most gums, mints and mouthwashes that have a minty taste are merely masking the odors in your mouth by applying various chemicals on the top of the sulfur waste products being produced by bacteria. To make matters worse, the sugars in most mints and gums only cause bacteria to multiply faster. To truly stop bad breath you must neutralize the sulfur producing bacteria that cause it."