Medical on call

We opened Feb.09,2020.

29 people coming. And 16had fever.

Flu was only 1.

the picture showed my all-electric bike.eーbike.
its sort of small bike.

20km/hour. it brought us new age.

We have new herpes zoster virus vaccine.

We have new herpes zoster virus vaccine.

Thistime we have dry recombinant vaccine, not live )
So the patients who take immunosuppressive therapies) can use it.

Please call us if you are interested in.

Meeting for endometriosis is being held in shimonoseki

Meeting for endometriosis is being held in shimonoseki this weekend.
Tall and handsome OBGY and high-tall lady doctors are seen.

Hugu meeting.

I got new strategy through Omikuji.

I got new words.

Serenity’s my word in this year.


We reported parupopastular rash due toTocilizumab.

we reported “ rash due to Tocilizumab”. Thanks,

Meeting for hepatology

Hepatology meeting is being held in kaikyo messe shimonoseki,yamaguchi.

It’s good time for meeting because of FUGU.

No flu

No flu in emergency .

American college of Rheumatology in Atlanta, Georgia.

We have meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.
Where, my old friend was living.

She became a family one of whom , Dr. Hogan, was a doctor for Yawara Chan, Ms. Ryoko Tani , Silver medalist in Atlanta Olympic game.

We took off for each freedom.

It was very nice to see each other safely.
Our hearts were trembling because of moving.

pantogar hair capsules

..Pantogar® is a brand of supplement by Merz Pharmaceuticals which claims to be a highly effective therapy for treating diffuse hair loss. It is said to stimulate the root of the hair to produce new and healthy hair.
In a search to get more details about Pantogar “hair growth” treatment, I could discover that its primary use is not for hair loss.
It is indicated in conditions such as Mental Disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Vitamin B5 Deficiency, Fibrotic Skin Disorders, Sun-screening Agent, Diarrhea, Common Cold, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Influenza, Swine Flu, Loss of Appetite, Protects Tissues against Radiation and Pollution, Slows Aging Process, Hair Damage, Histologic Typing of Tumors, Distinguishing Carcinomas from Sarcomas, Lymphomas and Melanomas.
With this, will this hair solution supplement really work effectively as claimed when used for hair loss and hair restoration?

Medical meeting in western Yamaguchi

Series of 10Years,
I represented
“Analysis of fibromyalgia patients in our clinic.”

I was honored by president of medical association, Dr. Kinoshita.