Male contraceptive in Univ. of Washington

Much less effort that female contra-captive.
Hormonal gel, Male pills, and Non-hormonal method.

There’s been much less money and effort
Put into safely and effectively lowering men’s fertility.

Best 8 shimonoseki-international high school

Good job!

Too hot to live

Too hot!
Why should it held the “Koshien”?
Pls Play gam n the morning or night.

3series sweep !
Shimonoseki intonation always high school.
Come back soon!
Take care!

Season窶冱 greeting

Mango made by National Farmers Academy in Okinawa

Season窶冱 Greeting

Too hot to exercise, pls be careful about heatstroke.
Same as children. Be careful about heatstroke.

We have Hawaiian music in our clinic.

窶拵et work in local


Clinic-Hospital unite party in Shimonoseki Medical Center


Lecture for pharmacists in Shimonosekiand Toyoura

Today I had A lecture about
“ Rheumatology a la carte “.
For pharmacists in Shimonoseki and Toyoura.

Today I was talking about cytokines ,TNF and IL-6

TNF-pain in peripheral arthropathys and acute inflammation. Bone destruction s and erosions.
IL-6- gerneral fatigues and depression. Chronic inflammation.
Osteoporosis and bone atrophy.

Thanks for listening.

school check ーup

School Check-up in high schools in Shimonoseki.
With Mr. Mizuno, Ace in Shimonoseki international high school baseball club.
.Koshien is the place to go.
Be careful about Power harassment.

Lectures in Towa Univ.

There are nursing school in Towa Univ @ shimonoseki.
I give the lectures in Internal medicine.
To day, I gave a lecture about Etiology.
Any diseases have etiology that was categorized 10.
1 Vascular
2 tumor
3 allergy, immunology and inflammation
4 infection
6 endocrinology
7 stress and trauma
8 iatrogenic
9 degenererative
10 ideopathic
And respiratory medicine. Asthma, COPD, and Interstithial Pneumonitis
Big class and feel good!!! I hope it lasts long!