panpkin ornament From USA

Panpkin ornament from USA

Dr. Tomoko Mizuhchi from Yamaguchi newspaper

Dr. Tomoko Mizumachi縲(n Chohu,
has built non-profit organization, for heiping yound musicians and artists.
Classical music took root in Shimonoseki.

nurse table was renewed.

It is easy to take Shirmer and Saxon test
for Sjogren's syndrome.

season's greeting

Shimonoseki Kokkusai High-School is invited for Kohshien.

season's greeting

Suo Ohshima in Yamaguchi prefectures.

medication for dry mouth.

Thera Breath in a little bit hard for us.
Dr. Harold Katz was found "Thera Breath" since 1997.

Most gums, mints and mouthwashes that have a minty taste are merely masking the odors in your mouth by applying various chemicals on the top of the sulfur waste products being produced by bacteria. To make matters worse, the sugars in most mints and gums only cause bacteria to multiply faster. To truly stop bad breath you must neutralize the sulfur producing bacteria that cause it."

handicapped parking in Yamaguchi

parking for not only handicaped, but pregnant women and specified diseases patients

Clinical meeting for Ear, nose and Throat in Shimonoseki

There are one meeting for Ear, nose and throat in Shimonoseki.
I found it on the way home from Halloday.
Thursday, and Friday are nice.

Clinic-Hospital association party in Kannmonn medical center

30 residents,
powered up surgery division.
looks so happy!!!

MIZUKAZE the Twilight express

MIZUKAZE,the twilight express are traveling from Shin-Osaka to Shimonoseki.
Sanyo-round: it will be dropping at Ohara art musium, Itukushima-temple, Onomichi,and Kintai-bridge
San-in round:it will be dropping at Yonago,shinji-ko, Matsue,and Hagi.

I found it on the way home to the Iranian movie,
not taking a ride in MIZUKAZE