lectures series of internal medicine for nursing students in Shimonoseki

I teach class in Tohwa Univ. in Shimonoseki.
It is big, bright, and clean building.
I explained the internal medicine to use famillier examples or entertainments.

縲卦he hands have one languages everywhere.縲喉ction in our clinic

We use a lot of pictures of our patients’ involved areas and write down voices of patients
Because we would like people to know what kind of patients we accept and what is Rheumatology?

Rheumatology is very wide variety of learning. I do not wanna miss it. I was said that “ If you wanna be a good doctor, you must be a good photographer.” Since then whenever I saw an impressive case, I made it a lifelong habit to take a picture of my patients.
I would like all of people to share my precious experiences in the room as much as possible and I would like to keep learning.
When I keep doing this, the datas are accumulated to the lecture to the students in nursing school, presentations, and getting into writing! And I can consult the specialists around the country and around the world.
I will post them anonymously. I appreciate your cooperations.
Many thanks,

Junko Kawata
Kawata-Junko clinic.

The wall painting was renewed.

The wall out side was renewed.
Many thanks,

Kaikyo Film Festival in Shimonoseki

窶戮inemas are life-long accompanists."

I saw movies about pop musician " David bowie" and female hair style innovator,"Vidal Sasoon".

Xray machine was renewed and updated.

clean and neat.

we replaced floor. Feel Good!!!


present from Mr. Sakagami

They were made by sea shells.

in the conference room

There are conference as usual.
There are a few doctors of acquaintance.
Dr. Mark Wener is sick these days.
young Asian Doctors are increasing.

GR round in UW

Today,GR round in Rheumatology in Univ. of Wahington had visiting speaker,Dr.Andrew Mammen.
He said there are possibirities that the patient who had immunologic abnormarity were taken statine, treatment for hyperlipidemia, and caused necrotising myositis.
Some had antibodies.anti-HMGCR antibody positive.
The younger, the more severe.


I used UBER.
I had an appo from my hotel to medical center in University of Washington(UWMC).
About 6minutes before arriving, it was noticed in iphone.
yellow-green prius was waiting and rided to UWMC. It was clean and driver was nice.
Traffic is heavy in downtown Seatle, but we passed through by car pool line. Arived in RR building and ran to conference. They billed from my registered amex card.
Safe and rational system in the future.