Attending on rheumatology seminar @ St. Lucus international hospital

I attended on the lectures of Rheumatology of St. Lukas international hospital.

that's very nice and neat.
They had a lot of patients from Asia.

We had special guest from Okinawa, Ryukyu hospital.
Professor in respiratory medicine, Dr. Fujita.

10th years anniversary to have meeting about connective tissue diseases

10th years anniversary to have connective vascular diseases
In Kaikyo messe. Suits804

Kawata-junko clinic
Junko kawata talks about. “ Autoimmunity”
Tickets are available in office.

The 28 meeting for surgical scientists in urology

The meeting was held from yesterday.

Rheumatology spring seminar in Nagoya Tyukyo labor union hospital

Today I went to Nagoya, to study

Practical things and America’s update.

MTX,Circudian rhythm and Rheumatology, iPS cells, drug medication, eosinophils, immunosuppressive therapy and biological medicine, anti-phospholipid antibodies syndrome, articulations anatomy, circumstances, immunology and diseases. Economics.

I really enjoyed our lecture. I did 5e questions twice., which all were selected.

Speech is important because of practice. I read the book about speech by dale Carnegie.

Origin of Meiji RESTORATIONs in Shimonoseki

Soon, we got new comer from Tokyo. I must take a tour for him.
Here once again, Meiji RESTORATIONs.
I hired sight seeing Taxi and went to Chohu.
Kozan temple, historic museum, Mouri house, Karato, Historic building,
I studied so hard for 2-3 hours that I became very tired.

Shinnsaku Takasugi、Ryoma Sakamoto, Takamori Saigo

The pain meeting for fibromyalgia”MINDFULNESS”


X-ray training in Kawata-Junko Clinic

We have training for X ray.
We have X-ray engineer from Hospital.
We learned chest X ray and lumbar X ray furthermore.

Flu is burst out.

we were open in o1/01/2019.

in-69 people
flu test-53 people
flu positive-29 people( All type A)


JCR2018Syllabus@Senri life sience center

I went to the lectures in Osaka about Rheumatology.
I gave a present Chocolate for lady doctor 。
During the lecture,I felt the presentations need to be

strong messages,
clear and understandable voices,and
simple and understandable slides.

I also learned

We don't have any date of prevention in Bone necrosis in Steroids.
Tacrolimus and Cyclosporin A were used renal failure patients.
we introduced eye clinic where they have SD-OCT.

Japanese college of Rheumatology in Takamatsu.